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Hi everyone!

I’m not even going to apologize for not posting. I’m just going to live with the guilt and hope ya’ll forgive me for being so inconsistent. A LOT has happened. A birthday, my first tattoo, a break up, and a move!

Lots of big news to announce. Firstly, my time in Seattle is coming to a close. This small town witch is going back to her roots!

I learned so much coming to the city, about life, business, and myself. But most of all is that I need more education. So my second announcement is that I’ll be going back to school! A community college back home. With a business degree in mind. With dual purposes for getting it. One to learn how to run my own business better. But also to get better day jobs while I develop Addle Chair. 

Thirdly, I’ll be getting a new member of the furfamily (possibly)! It’s still in the works but I’m hoping to take a beautiful, airedale mix, rescue home in early February! She’s coming over from Hawaii with her sisters as well as a bunch of other sweet puppers from a shelter that I assume was at capacity. If you’re looking for a new furfriend check out Dog Gone Seattle. They’ve got a lot of rescues waiting for their forever homes. And they have a lot of events for meet and greet opportunities with the dogs.

I know that’s a lot to process. Trust me its been a lot for me too. But I’ve already moved and just have a week of work obligation left. It feels so good to be moving on, and taking the first step towards it.

Thank you for reading and I hope 2020 has treated you well. 


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