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Hi Everyone!

I had some exciting things develop this week! I asked a talented artist friend of mine to undertake a really big production. We’re going to start a webcomic together!

The story is more or less set up, it’ll be a fun mystery series! Filled with goofs and who-done-its? She’s currently working on all of the character designs in her style (some of you my remember my characters Marcella the Candle Witch and Gaherald the goat man among the cast.) I’m hoping to showcase her work on the blog when we’ve made more progress. 

The working title is Magic of the Millennium, but we’ll see if that sticks. 

It feels so good to be creative again. I started writing/ editing graphic novel scripts from projects I'd put on hold. That's when I trudged up this treasure and I'm so happy to see it getting traction.

On another note welcome March! In about a month I’ll be starting classes at my local community college. It may be silly but I’m so excited to go back to school. And as a bonus I recently found out that I’ll be able to take almost all my classes online!

Puppy Update:

Sleepy baby

Kira is growing like a weed! And she’s squeaky bandit with all her chew toys!

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