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Aka the Bellevue Art Museum participated in an art festival this weekend, and of course I went! I had a blast roaming through the square, eating smoked salmon crepes, and sipping on guava lemonade. I can’t express enough how refreshing it was to have a fun, art filled weekend. 

The museum had an amazing installment of the Megg, Mogg, & Owl series. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures but the trash filled scenes detailing the depressed, drugged, and drunken living quarters of characters weren’t much to behold. It was the captions up on the wall that really gave it live. Because it’s not until you get that little peek into the characters mind that you start to see the bigger story. 

You can feel Megg’s depression. How she can’t will herself to move. Trapped in bed. How the funnel conveniently places next to the yellow filled liters of soda isn’t there by accident and it’s not soda. How she desperately wants what her mind can’t allow her. And now like the negative, toxic thoughts in her head, she dwells in an equally unhealthy environment. 

I appreciated the brutally honest portrayal of mental illness. It hit close to home for me and I found myself feeling relieved. One: that it was the predominantly featured narrative. That it was a conversation piece deemed worthy of showcasing. And two: because I was past that point in my life. I no longer struggle with getting out of bed. Or any other basic functions, not that I was ever struggling to the same extent shown in the piece. It just goes to show how everyone struggles differently, and they’re all valid. 

Besides that the museum was pretty over crowded with kids and interactive installations for them. The rest of the square was filled with amazing art from artists from all over. So many talented people that I couldn’t begin to describe the frustration I felt for being broke and unable to support them all! 

But I still had an amazing time admiring all the talent. The trip ended by strolling through the park across the street to eat lunch. My boyfriend was sweet enough to organize everything after knowing I’d had a couple of long weeks. And it was so worth it. 

So I encourage all of you to find a local art festival or museum and enjoy it!

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