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Hey everybody!

Happy holidays and bless Walt’s grave. Frozen 2 and Disney+ came out recently and I love both of them. I know I’m trash for falling into the corporate clutches of another subscription but gosh darn it! It’s so good! Also Frozen 2 was a great sequel even if the soundtrack couldn’t keep up with the amazing visuals. 

For now I’m gonna focus on Disney+ and an old show called Gargoyles. I have vague memories of this dark monster filled show. And it is nothing like I remember. It’s plot is #thicc. Like bonkers, crazy, dense, and absolutely amazing. Obviously nothing my kid brain could properly appreciate until now. 

The animation can be clunky, which tbh is to be expected from a 90’s tv series. But other times particularly in season 2. The facial animation gets a lot more bouncy around episode 13 or so.

I’m a little obsessed with this show atm. So thank you Disney+ for putting this old title on the internet for me. It also tickled me pink to see people like Jordan Peele showing interest in making a live action version. Because hell yeah that would awesome with today's technology and practical effects knowledge. 

Diving deeper into how the show got greenlit and pitched also piqued my interest. It really inspired me. How this off the wall weird show got off the ground is impressive enough. But it also had three seasons. And 50+ episodes in season 2. 

I know it’s silly but it really goes to show how anything can be accomplished. It’s also got me excited to write. Write my own animation ideas and pitch them! I just want to get the ball rolling so badly on projects. But that's for a whole other blog post.

Anyway! Thanks for checking out this weeks blog! Please like and share it, and I hope you have a great week! 



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