Determination over motivation

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Hello everyone!

This week for the Addle Blog I’d like to talk about determination over motivation and how that’s helped me overcome my self doubt.

For a very long time I was paralyzed by the feeling of running out of time. So much so that I’d get lost in thoughts of aspiration instead of long hours working over my drafting table. I’d rely heavily on a mind set of; once a body is in motion it tends to stay in motion. And periodically have burst of hyper productive days or weeks. Working at an unhealthy rate. The clear problem with this work mentality is that it’s unsustainable.

My bouts of motivation were few and far between. They were brief and only lead to my discouragement because I could never finish anything. And I’ve come to learn that finishing something is invaluable to a beginning artists confidence.

But this sort of mentality is just a result of bad or lack of good habits. Which through hard work and determination can be reversed. The thing about getting your sh** together though, is that it’s never easy.

For example a dedicated writer doesn’t hop out of bed at 6 AM because gosh darn it they just love writing so much! No ones that insane. They do it because they’ve got a routine and they stick to it.

They have determination.

I was determined to be an artist. But I didn’t know how to act on it. I’d create grand schemes of projects and stories and quickly get overwhelmed. Then I realised my problem. I was human. I let my emotions get in the way of getting stuff done.

I decided I had to start acting like an artist.

I created a schedule. And. I. Stuck. With. It. Having a routine led me to actually finishing something I set out to do. I got my confidence back. And since I’ve been (along with much more realistic goal setting) able to finish what I start.

In conclusion; if you feel like you’re struggling, set a goal. A simple goal. Do x for 5 minutes everyday for a week. Then for 10 minutes everyday the next week. And repeat the process. As a former track coach once told me; it’s not about what you can’t do today. It’s about what you’ll be able to do tomorrow.

Alright, that’s all the wisdom I’ve got, thanks for reading everybody!


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