Failure Foot Forward

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Hi everyone,

Today’s blog is about failure and how it’s good for you. 

Over the course of the week I attempted to make pins. I wanted to see if there was a diy solution to my manufacturing problem. 

Here was my plan. 

Step 1: Model a pin from clay. 

Step 2: Create a silicone mold from the clay model. 

Step 3: Use the silicone mold to cast a resin pin. 

Step 4: Paint the pin. 

Step 5: Super glue on the back post and attach a rubber stopper. 

A great plan. A superb plan really. And it failed miserably! It failed at step 1 as a matter of fact. Because step 1 really should have been design. But pish posh, details. 

Anyway despite loving clay and playing with it often as a kid, I am no sculptor. And have no tools to properly sculpt things in miniature. 

So, I quickly realized how difficult it is to sculpt things in miniature. It sucked and was frustrating. And ended with me in a defeated state just playing with the sulfur free clay. 

All of this was in an attempt to minimize the initial cost of the at home pin making. By not buying a 3D printer right off the bat. Cause they are exxxcpeeeensive! 

But please take a minute to consult my great plan again. Replace clay catastrophe with 3D resin glory. And boom problem gone. Of course I don’t actually expect things to magically get better because of a 3D printer. But tech support is a lot easier to access then my latent skills as a sculptor. 

All in all this has been a valuable learning experience. My plan isn’t bad. I just have some more prep work to do. So I plan on improving my sculpting skills while I save up for a 3D printer. I’m hoping to learn a lot over the next week, because even if I can’t successfully model a pin. I’d like to practice making silicone molds and casting resin. 

With my lesson learned and my artist skills or lack there of being made apparent, I have been humbled. And look forward to next week!

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