Failure Foot Forward part two

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Hello everybody!

I hope you all had an amazing week! I did, it was super busy, and full of success and failure. Which is why this weeks post is a continuation of last weeks; failure foot forward part two!

So, I was reluctant to give up on my awesome diy solution to pin making. Again because 3d printers are expensive, and the one I have my eye on is currently out of stock. So to kill some time- I mean use my time wisely progressing my business. I decided to keep testing out sculpting techniques to cast a pin mold. 

To review my amazing diy plan:

Step 1: Model a pin from clay. 

Step 2: Create a silicone mold from the clay model. 

Step 3: Use the silicone mold to cast a resin pin. 

Step 4: Paint the pin. 

Step 5: Super glue on the back post and attach a rubber stopper. 

Now my original issue was that I couldn’t get passed step 1 a.k.a accurately carve/sculpt a pin model up. So I thought to myself. Why I don’t just draw into the clay. Make a silicone mold, then make a mold of the mold and use that to cast resin! Genius, right?!

Welp again my confidence in skills I lack was staggeringly high. And with that came high expectations for it to work. For the most part it worked, just not good enough. . .

The first mold was successful. But after removing the clay I could clearly see it was still a failure. The lines weren’t clean, and some of the details had been lost. It was not at the quality I would be comfortable with showing off/selling. Basically it looked like poop. 

But! I’ve still learned an “easier” way to make the molds. And I have hope now that if I keep improving this method I will be able to create something I’m comfortable with sharing. 

Anyway, thanks for reading this weeks post! Please like and share, and comment what your guy’s thoughts are on my diy endeavor.

Pics bellow of the process design to fail lol. 


 Forgot to take a pic before I poured the silicone. Whoops lol.


It finished cureing.

Best in show for “I tried!”


All I can say, is that even though it didn’t turn out perfect I had fun making it and I’m excited for what happens next!

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