Gifs, all the gifs!

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Hello everybody!

Something amazing has happened. And I’m talking game changing amazing! Procreate recently added text and gif features!

I cannot express how excited I've been for both. If you’ve seen any Pan Possessions strips you’ve seen me utilizing the text feature. But it hasn’t been until this week that I started to play with the new animation exporting options.

If you follow me on Instagram (@addlechair) then you’ve probably seen the fruits of my initial labor. A rad lil addle ball strutting their stuff!

Now this has only scratched the surface of Procreates potential. As an animator this excites me so much. I have so many ideas. But really it’s the mobility that’s my favorite part. Instead of lugging my laptop and cintiq around, I can prance around and cackle at any silly animation I come up with anywhere at anytime. I don’t have to wait to start drawing.

So basically I’m in love. In love with drawing again! You can expect a lot more animation work to show up on my instagram.


Have any of you played around with Procreates Gif feature? If so what’d you like about it, what were your struggles? Let me know in the comments!


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