Happy Easter

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Happy Easter to everyone celebrating!

This week a lot has happened! Addle Chairs Patreon was rolled out. Pan Possessions debuted. Lots of exciting stuff!

Renascence Man slowed down this week but will be back in the spotlight as I get used to the new work load.

Addle Chairs website will undergo some editing to better reflect the direction I’m taking with the studio. Show casing more content than merch. 2019’s focus will be on storytelling. So more art, comics, writing and 3D work.

With May fast approaching I’d like to challenge myself with modeling. Introducing #ModelingMay! Where, for everyday of May I bring to life a sketch with 3D modeling! I’ll prepare the sketches beforehand so I’ll have a better chance of finishing this challenge.

I’m really excited for all the content coming out of Addle Chair. Happy Easter again, do guys celebrate? Let me know in the comments below. And if you’d like to be a cool kid (goat pun intended) you can find me on Patreon.com or check out the stores merch!

Thanks for reading, you all are great!!


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