Happy Holidays and Reading Blues

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Happy holidays ya’ll! Thanks giving was a little over a week ago and of course that was followed by Black Friday and deals that continue through out the week. If you didn’t know, I have a day job! And it’s in retail so I was super busy last week. I’m very sorry for not posting the Addle Blog, until writing this one I had forgotten I hadn’t written it in the first place. Lol. 

Anyway I wanted to talk about learning, specifically different learning styles. And why it’s important to find yours. Lately I’ve been trying to develop my drawing skills. I want my characters and specifically faces to have more structure and volume to them. 

Awhile back I had a mentor recommend a bunch of Bridgman books to study. So I finally got around to reading through one and above all else I learned one important lesson. Books are garbage at teaching me how to draw. 

I have always been a visual learner so that’s what I’ll stick to. The real lesson here is that I’m not gonna waste anymore time or money in a means of learning that not conductive to my learning. 

And you, reader, should also not waste time or money when investing in your education. That being said there’s always a grace period to figure what that exactly means for you. Like being a visual learner or hands on or whatever!

Im hoping to update y’all on my progress soon! Thanks for reading! I hope everyone had a good thanks giving! Again sorry for missing last weeks post. 



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