Inktober Update

Posted by Elle Moore on

Hi everybody!


This week was a busy one but what I focused on were my inktober drawings! So we’re just going to do a showcase of this week's drawings. 

I’m really happy with how this inktober is turning out. Of the four years I’ve participated in this the first one I’ve actually kept it up past the first week. Without anymore boring text here are the drawings!

13. Ash

14. Overgrown

15. Legend

16. Wild

17. Ornament

18. Misfit

19. Sling 

20. Tread

Thank you all for checking out the Addle Blog! Hopefully next week I have something more exciting to talk about. But for now I felt really proud of how far I’ve come in inktober standards lol. 

Please feel free to like and share, it’s always super appreciated. Until next weekend, cheers y’all.



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