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Hi Everyone! As some of you may know I’ve been working on a comic called Iridescence. It’s still early in production, but I am working hard on volume 1 of 3 and cannot wait to start sharing some of my progress with all of you!

I’m starting this blog to keep you all updated on my projects, share art, and debut smaller on-going comic strips. Whether the blog is weekly or bi-weekly I’ve yet to decide (more like if I remember in the midst of working lol) but I’m hoping to give you all weekly updates!

For more regular sneak peaks at projects and art check out my Instagram: @addlechair



I am a Potato: Down time is important

 I am a potato: Down Time is Important

Potato baby is a voice of reason. She works hard, maybe

even too hard sometimes. But luckily she is a potato, thus

knows the key to not getting fried is a good break every now

and again.


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