It’s Almost Halloween!!

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Hi everybody! 

This week I got crafty! And I got to play with the cricut. This year for Halloween I’ll be working! But we’re allowed to dress up so I decided to make a costume this year. I’m going as a retail witch!

I used the cricut to make a stencil! I’m still learning so there was a minor hiccup but it turned out great. And I’m really happy with how the shirt turned out!

I wish the skirt was just a couple inches longer but the Joann’s near me didn’t have a lot of designs to choose from. And it was all the fabric they had left. I’ll just have to wear leggings underneath for work. 

This was a really fun project. I just want to thank my mom and aunt who helped me troubleshoot when my sewing machine gave me problems. They’re both crafting queens and their advise helped things go much smoother!

Lastly we can’t forget about inktober! Here’s this weeks gallery.

21. Treasure 

22. Ghost 

23. Ancient 

24. Dizzy

25. Tasty

26. Dark

27. Coat

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