Lonk's Awakening

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Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for coming by and checking out the Addle Blog! This week will be an update week. I’ll be touching on the Cricut, Elegoo, and Inktober. 

The cricut has me so excited for the future of Addle Chair’s stickers. I’ve got a lot to learn with it but I made progress with it this week! 

I made stickers for my co-workers. (It has my day jobs logo so I won’t be showing them.) I wasn’t able to orient them properly so there were a couple fails and I ended up cutting them by hand. But I’ve got the app, blade, cutting board, and software updates all taken care of! So I’m excited for my future attempts.

The Elegoo had an even more insightful fail. I’m still learning how to set up supports for 3D prints and had some interesting results. Here’s a failed print of Link from Links awakening. Or as I have affectionately referred to him as; Lonk.

Things are progressing slowly but surely! I’m also trying to prep projects for the winter since I don’t expect to be going out much. So expect more Story Times and Comics! 

Lastly here are my latest Inktober drawings. I haven’t been able to draw everyday, but I’ve kept up with the prompts when I do have time to draw. Let me know what you guys think in the comments!

  1. Enchanted

  1. Frail

  1. Swing

  1. Pattern

  1. Snow

  1. Dragon

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