Merry New Years!

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It’s a Christmas and New Years miracle!

Hey everybody! I hope you had an amazing holiday season, whatever you celebrated I hope it was full of happiness! I took a couple weeks off writing the blog to be with family and it was so much fun. I got to see all my siblings and cousins, and my boyfriend spent Christmas with my family this. I was so spoiled with love and presents this year. 

Also welcome to 2020 everyone! To celebrate I wanted to highlight some of 2019’s highlights and share some of Addle Chairs goals for 2020!


  1. Revival of the Addle Blog 

I started the blog in 2018 after I started Addle Chair and it quickly petered out a few posts in. I had so much support and encouragement this year that I was able to bring it back!

      2. Pan Possessions Debut

I’d wanted to start a comic for a long time now and George my wonderful boyfriend inspired me to start one. Spoofing spooky adventures featuring us! Kinda lol. 

      3. Patreon

Addle Chair is on Patreon now! I’m still developing the page but I’m still proud to have started it.

2020 Resolutions

  1. Debut take 2! 

When I started Pan Possessions I really didn’t know what I was doing. I learned a lot in 2019 and I want to apply that to redebuting Pan Possessions!

     2. Officially Publish Something

I’d love to take advantage of self publishing and bring some of my stories to life!

      3. New Merch!

Since getting a 3D printer I’ve been dying to use it for jewelry and pins. I also want to add prints and comics to the store!

I hope 2019 was good to all of you and 2020 is even better!



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