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Can I just say, YAS, I am a massive Animal Crossing fan, and YAS, I’m counting the days down until March 20th. For the uninitiated that is the release date for the latest installment of the Animal Crossing series. However I have held myself back from pre-ordering the Animal Crossing Switch (Mostly because it’s no longer available for pre-order…Anywhere >:.( )

Well Nintendo dropped a nearly 30 minute long trailer/ QA and hnnnnnnnn it was so good!

The Highlights

1. Da Graphics

Compared to past iderations this game is gorgeous. The graphics are beautiful. You can see the leaves rustle in the wind and the grass sway. The detail on all of the critters has gone up 100% too. Like that tarantula that you’d find every 1/100 late visits to the beach? Yeah that things gonna be coming at you in HD now.

2. Crafting

If you’ve ever met me and mine you know we love minecraft, stardew valley, and ya know, DIY in general. So the fact that Animal Crossing has added this feature to its roster of in game mechanics has me absolutely jazzed. 

3. The Customization

Like. You can legit make whatever design you want. The possibilities.

4. Also the Customization

Like. You don’t like that river, cover it up. Want a new water feature, you can DO that now!

5. It’s a Thanksgiving game cause even your extended family is playing with you


8 people. You can have eight people play on your island. Does this mean I will divide my island for specific types of game play and experiments. Yes. Yes it does.

And now that I’ve gotten to 5 I realized I was just planning on highlighting everything new and exciting about the game which really stops it from being a highlight blog, and turns it into a boring summary of the trailer. So I’m gonna cap it at these 5 things. Just know this whole post is a farce and just a poorly disguised excuse to talk about crap I love. 

Thanks for checking out the blog this week, sorry it’s a trash fangirl post. Let me know if you’re a fan too, and what you’re most excited for! Here’s a Kira update!

She’s a precious baby! And I love you so so much!!


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