Renascence Man Update

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Hi everybody!

It’s been a productive week! I’ve gotten a lot of character modeling done and wanted to share my progress on Renascence Man.

Here's Fauna!

Fauna Close Up

Fauna Front

Fauna Side

(Her hair and coloring are temporary just here for the preview!) 

Current Status:

-Character designs completed

-The first draft of storyboards done

-Visual style almost finalized

-Nearly all the characters are modeled!!

I’m so excited for this project! I can’t wait for the animation but there’s still a long road ahead of pre-production. After the characters are all modeled I’ll work on modeling the environment/sets. Then move on to rigging and testing the characters. Which will be boring and tedious. But also exciting because these will be the most complicated rigs I’ve rigged to date. And I’ll get to rig them the way I want as an animator.

Next will be texturing and getting some particle modifiers involved. Then after refining the storyboards I’ll start planning the animation! Which ends with post production.

I’ve got a schedule for myself and I’m currently running on time. There’s still a lot to be done so we’ll see how I do! Let me know what you guys think think of Fauna!


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  • Wow this is great I love the name and the imagination that went into her I can’t wait to see how this is all going to turn out and I want to hear the story

    Keri on

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