Rigging has Begun!

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Hi everyone,

This week I’m talking about textures! Thanks to a week of studying I got all my characters textured. Uv mapping really isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I even managed to get some of the basic rigging done! I’m still fiddling with the texture paint tool in blender, but I’m pretty happy with the progress I made.

My process for texturing was fairly simple. I'd unwrap the character, test the uv map to see if a checkered texture was coming out clean and there was no warping. Then I organised the uv's so that all the heads parts were together, the arms were together, ect, ect. This made it easier when I imported a screen shot of the uv map into CSP (clip studio paint). Where I painted on a layer below the uv's my desired texture design. I'd apply the texture and adjust my painting as I pleased. 

It was quick and easy once I got used to it. Though probably not the most efficient method. Which is why I'd like to invest some more time into learning the texture paint tool already in blender. 

Moving on to next week’s goals and to do list; modeling the environment and rigging all of the characters. I’ll need to compile a list with sketches of all the props and assets I want to make. Thanks to this, I think it will be a great time to dive into learning more about blenders shade editor. There’s still a ton about texturing I don’t understand. I know there’s a bunch of different nodes, textures, and other tools to mess around with in the shade editor so this will be an interesting week.

As for the rigging, I know how to set up the bones and paint weights onto them. But! I want these to be really clean models so I’ll have to do some studying on control rings and how to set them up. That and I’ve never rigged a face before so I’m excited to try that out!

Here's a peak another character in Renascence Man, Dragon Man!


With his rig.


Until next week everybody!


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