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Hi everybody!

Thanks for taking some time to read today’s post. Sorry for being M.I.A last weekend. Things are back in order enough to get the ball rolling again. I want to try something new and start sharing story ideas, almost like mock pitches. I want to practice storytelling and get all my ideas out of my head. So I figured the blog would be the perfect outlet! I have a feeling that some posts will take a lot more work than others so the blogs schedule might shift to every other weekend. But that’s tbd. 

Now onto the fun part! Sketches included!

Presenting: Pen Cat! An idea for an animated short. It follows the commercial for a Pen Cat! A photosynthesising kitty that fits on the top of your pen. The alien cuties are great for first time pet owners! But be warned, the commercial has in small print at the bottom of the screen, don’t let them out of their cap!

Our shorts protagonist (who is currently nameless) is a little girl who desperately wants one. And it’s just her luck that she finds one lying abandoned on the ground. 

She’s smitten and takes her Pen Cat everywhere! Feeding it flower petals and being sure to let it bask in the sun. Until one day her older brother throws it to the ground and stomps on it. She wails and chucks a doll at his head that sends him running. Heart broken she goes to clean up the pieces when she finds her Pen Cat is alive! And now just a little cat. 

All is well, only her cat won’t stop growing! Soon enough her parents catch on that they’ve been housing a giant space cat and her the kitty is taken away. 

Crushed the little girl sulks endlessly in her room. When one day her parents invite her out for a car ride. She and her family go to a terrarium. One full of freed Pen Cats! They’re all shapes and sizes, in bloom and magical. 

The girls cat spies her and greets her warmly. Giving her brother a cold glare before licking his cheek with a rough tongue. 

The girl is able to keep visiting her cat. 

The End!

Alright, let me know what you guys think in the comments. And if you could please like and share! It really helps.


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