Story Time: The Yallander

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Story Time!

Hi everybody, for this weeks blog I want to talk about a shorter story. A moody graphic novel called Yallander. 

It’s a darker story following the people of a remote village on an abyss surrounded plateau. They live in gods’ country, The Yallander. They’re slowly dying as a young god ravages them with disease and meaningless corruption. 

Following the life of a young girl, Ki’iri, as she overcomes the deaths of her sister and cousin. Before she too is touched by the young god. Forsaken by her people she is taken in by outsiders. A group of scientists researching the village and the troubles plaguing them. 

Ki’iri is used by the researchers for data and it opens her eyes to the Yallander. In all its horror and glory. The gods and spirits of the land roaming freely around unseen by the masses. 

And the rest is to be written!


Short I know, but I’m curious to hear what you guys think of it. Let me know in the comments below. As always thanks for reading, and please like and share! It’s really appreciated guys. 



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