Thank You Inktober

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Hello everybody!

Inktober is over and now it’s turkey season! I’m so happy and proud to have completed this years prompts, and on time on top of everything. This year was a mixed bag of art production. But I feel like inktober really helped with my discipline. I hope it carries through the rest of the year and grows in 2020. To celebrate here’s the full collection of inktober drawings!

My complete inktober 2019 gallery!

1. Ring

2. Mindless

3. Bait(man)

4. Freeze

5. Build 

6. Husky

7. Enchanted 

8. Frail

9. Swing

10. Pattern

11. Snow

12. Dragon

13. Ash

14. Overgrown 

15. Legend

16. Wild 

17. Ornament 

18. Misfit

19. Sling 

20. Tread

21. Treasure 

22. Ghost 

23. Ancient

24. Dizzy

25. Tasty

26. Dark

27. Coat

28. Ride

29. Injured

30. Catch

31. Ripe


And thats it! Thank you guys so much for reading and checking the blog out. I’m really happy with the progress I made this year. I’m hoping the discipline sticks and I keep drawing daily. 

Have a great day you guys and as always please like and share and let me know what you guys think in the comments!



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