This is one small step for Elle. And one giant leap for Addle Chair!

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Y’all I did it!

And on another note I’m sorry for skipping out on the blog last weekend. But I was so excited I totally forgot to write it. Addle Chair got a 3D printer! The YouTube algorithm convinced me! Lately all of my recommended videos have been about 3D printers. And ooh boy did it get me excited! So after a lot of thought and a few weeks of budgeting I went ahead and made the purchase. 

Now you might be wondering, Elle, what printer did you get? Well I am more than happy to announce, Addle Chairs first 3D printer will be an Elegoo Mars! An LCD resin printer.

Y’all I could not be more excited! It arrived last Sunday, so you can imagine how busy I made myself printing and trying things out. Outside of the pre-loaded test print I haven’t had a successful print. But there are some clear reasons as to why, and why they haven’t discouraged me. 

  1. I have no experience with 3D printing or printers, so duh I still got lots to learn.
  2. I’m not adding the proper supports for the prints, physically, or emotionally. There have literally been times where I hit start and thought, “well this is gonna fail.” And I bet they didn’t appreciate it lol.
  3. Scale. I have had a raft stick but I completely misjudged the size and got it stuck to the build plate because it was too small to pop off. I had to get a pocket knife to carefully pull it up and off. (But shout out to the Elegoo for that high resolution.)

But you know what? I’m still as excited as ever! I’ve been doing a lot of reading and watching tutorials and tips. And reevaluating my models. So my next free day to print is tomorrow! So I will keep y’all posted on how it goes!

And if you’re interested in me writing more in-depth about the 3D modeling and printing processes please let me know. I’d love to go further in with this stuff! 

Thanks for reading everybody! Have an amazing week, and as always, I’d really appreciate it if you liked and shared the blog.


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