UV Mapping is a Thing

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Hi everybody! Just a heads up lots of blender/3D jargon ahead.

This week I dabbled in uv mapping and boy, it sucked! I decided to texture my characters before rigging for no reason other than the tutorial series I’m watching did it this way. I’ve rigged “complicated” characters before so I figured now would be the perfect opportunity for me to dip my toes into texturing. I’ve become a bit stuck on this part of the production, and that’s OK!

I’m really invested in learning the nitty gritty details of this process, not because I want to become an expert in everything there is to the 3D pipeline. But because it’s interesting and as I stated before this short film is a vehicle of learning for me. It’s important to me to learn how everything interacts within the program.

At first I was getting frustrated. Everytime I tried to unwrap my character the uv map would be bunched or elongated, and no matter how I played with the seams it didn’t seem to help. I kept trying to google my way through the problem and find quick fixes. But then I remembered why I started this project. I didn’t want quick fixes. I wanted to better understand the program, I needed to take a breath.

So things may be a little off schedule now, but I’m still on track for my overall goal. This week I spent my time studying, it was boring and tedious, but it helped me refocus. Learning and doing a good job isn’t something I should rush. It’s like my mama always told me, ‘you need a solid foundation!’

I’m excited for next week! Hopefully I’ll figure out uv maps enough to move onto rigging!

What are snags you guys have run into during a project and how did you approach navigating it?

 Potato baby unwrapping uvs

Have a happy weekend!


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