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Hi Everyone!

Sorry for being so quiet! I’ve been busy these last few weeks. As you know a friend and I have decided to start a webcomic. So while I was busy working on the writing for that, she invited me to participate in a short comic contest. And that got me super jazzed because I have had a ton of short story ideas that I’ve wanted to pump out. 

And as terrible as Covid-19 is I’ve been taking advantage of the timing. I’ve gotten a lot of writing done and caught up on some shows.

To help curb the apocalypse of boredom here’s some recommendations.

Comics: (This goes without saying but all of these titles have gorgeous and unique art.)


A magical, syfy, opera starring the star crossed lovers Alana and Marko. They’re trying to raise their newborn daughter, Hazel in a war torn universe and avoid all the people out to kill or capture them.

It was one of the first series I really got into, and why my go to for new titles is Image comics. So far almost all of my favorite comics have come from the creators at Image. Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples have created an immersive beautiful universe with rich diverse characters. So far there are 9 volumes and if you don’t want to wait for shipping there’s a number of online platforms to buy digital copies. (Comixology, and Image has the first issue available online for free here!)

Descender + Ascender 

In Descender a  little robot boy wakes up and needs to find his brother Andy! Another space opera. Yes I clearly have a favorite genre, but don’t get me wrong this series is extremely endearing. It has the sweet naive Tim-21 thrust into the harsh reality of the worlds, full of mystery and action. I highly recommend this 6 volume series.
And Bonus the series has a sequel series Ascender that I believe only has 1 volume at this moment.

Again Image hooks you up with a free first issue!


Who said bards can’t be the main characters? In Coda we follow a former bard, Hum, as he makes his way through a post-apocalypse fantasy world that’s lost it’s magic. 

This one is from Simon Spurrier and Matías Bergara at BOOM! Studios.

It’s a lot of fun but also depressing? It’s also got a pentacorn so go check it out! All 3 volumes are available on comixology.


My Hero Academia…

In a super hero society Izuku Midoriya was born without a “Quirk”, but he still wants to be a cool hero that saves people with a smile on his face. A chance encounter with his idol hero All Might brings him closer to making this pipe dream a reality.

So here’s the thing with this manga. I originally only watched the anime. But after rewatching the entire series, over the course of a weekend I decided to buy 20 of the 26 volumes available of the manga...And yes I still plan on buying the remaining 6.

Because! This series is just that good, and the art is so amazing. It’s no wonder the anime became such a success when it had such an amazing source material. Ok I need to calm down, I’m really fangirling right now. Even if you aren’t into action school dramas try giving this one a shot, or even try watching the anime. All the characters have their own charm and over the course of the series grow a lot.


Made in the Abyss

On an island there’s an abyss and the farther down you travel the harder it is to return. The ascension will cause nausea, internal bleeding, eventually you’ll travel so far down that if you try to return you’ll be turned into something inhuman. The story is extremely easy to get sucked into. The world is so vast and changing that you just have to keep watching to learn more about the mysterious abyss. The main story follows a young girl and robot who descend in the attempt to find her mother who went to explore the depths years ago.

DISCLAIMER: This series is dark! Do not watch it if you can’t handle body horror and gore. There were legit times where I had to stop watching/ skip ahead because it made my stomach roll.

It’s available to watch on Amazon Prime, subbed.

My Love Story

On a totally different note!

My love story is a cheesy love story following a first year high school boy, Takeo, who's always been shot down by his crushes because of his huge stature. Until one day he saves a cute petite girl from a groper on the train ride to school. He falls for her instantly.

This is a guilty pleasure of mine, and every time I revisit this sappy story I get entranced by the characters' charms and personalities. It’s a sweet little drama good for casual viewing, available on Crunchyroll, subbed.

Somali and The Forest Spirit

In a world where humans are considered an endangered species a golem leaves his forest in order to reunite a little girl with her parents. This series is still ongoing but I’ve become really attached to it’s characters and world. There’s some drama and action, but it’s mostly exploration and world building, and I think that’s what I like most about this one. There’s a ton of history and culture and all the characters you meet all have interesting stories to them. But it’s not overwhelming, you learn everything as they go.

If you a relaxing show with beautiful art, give this show a chance. It’s streaming on Crunchyroll, subbed.

My hero Academia

Because of course I had to include this. It’s very faithful to the manga so just go check it out already! On Funimation, subbed, and dubbed.

Well I hope this helps you curb your boredom as we all self-isolate to help slow the curve. And remember everyone!



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