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Hi everybody! 

It’s officially October which means inktober is here. On a different note though, oh my goodness did October start out so good! I entered a raffle and won a Cricut Maker, and got to bring it home yesterday! I didn’t get all the parts but I’ve got the hardware and everything else is relatively inexpensive in comparison.

I feel like I’ve got a whole arsenal of crafting tools now. The Elegoo (which I’ve joined a facebook group for and gotten a lot of helpful feedback from.), my canon inkjet printer, my brother toner printer, brother sewing machine and now the Cricut! My crafting heart is full and happy! 

I’m hoping to fill this winter with lots of crafting projects. Especially since my brother has commissioned me with making mini’s for his DnD campaigns. Not only that but I’ve been known to make presents for my family. Notably making a set of painting for everyone. This year I’m hoping to spice things up with a few more varied gifts.

Well, now that the excitement is out of the way, here's my Inktober collection so far!

1. Ring

2. Mindless

3. Bait

4. Freeze

5. Build

6. Husky


Thats all for this blog post thanks for reading! Please like and share, you’re awesome and I hope you have a great week.



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