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Hi everybody!

This week on the Addle Blog I want to talk about drawing! And the upcoming drawing month. Inktober 2019! For anyone who doesn’t know Inktober is a drawing challenge for October, where artists only use pen and ink to draw an illustration a day. 

Personally for the past couple of years it’s been a struggle to finish. Usually by week two I’ve clocked out or get distracted until the last week. This year I’d really like to change that.  To do that I’ve been thinking about prepping. Sketching out some ideas before October actually hits.

Here’s this year's prompt list:


Recently I’ve been really inspired to draw. If you haven’t heard of Jake Parker (the creator of Inktober) He’s got a great YouTube channel. Lately I’ve been watching the draftsmen podcast with Stan and Marshal. And from their show I decided to buy the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain 3rd edition. 

It’s a bit dated but I’m really enjoying it. It’s a lot of great food for thought. Every spare moment I’ve had I’ve been dipping into it. It’s been a rough couple of months for my drawing skills so this has been breathing life back into my desire to draw. Especially after going through a bunch of my old sketchbooks and seeing waves of progression through the years. 

I want to get to a point where I really do draw everyday, so things like Inktober become a cinch. 

 Plus I want to be a more confident and consistent as an artist. My latest focus has been on Iridescence. A comic I wrote last year and have been editing since now I’d like to get my artist chops up to snuff. So I can bring it to life properly.

That’s it for this weeks blog. Thanks for reading everybody, and as always, if you would, please like and share!


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