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Hey all, Elle here! Here's a quick tutorial for the frugal fan or any t-shirt lover.

First and foremost a disclaimer: DO NOT use the iron-on paper I used. It was cheap, and literally fell off even after re-ironing the design and sealing it with fabric glue. Then completely ripped off in the wash. 

Of course if you're looking for a single use graphic T-shirt that can be washed back into a regular Tee than by all means use this brand. 


Now for the tutorial!


Step 1: Get your materials!


-T-Shirt ($5 from Michaels)

-Scissors (Pre-owned)

-Iron-on transfer paper (About $6 on amazon for 5 sheets)


-Ink jet printer


Step 2: Print the 'graphic'

Things to keep in mind:

-I knew I wanted a darker Tee and edited the my graphic accordingly. (This isn't necessary but helpful for the next step.) 

-This is art work I made, if you don't make your own please buy or get permission to use a certain piece for your project. Stealing art sucks!

-PS this art was inspired by the commercial card from the anime Magical Girl Ore!


Step 3: Cut out the graphic!

-Patience yields focus lol for the more intricate parts I actually used sewing scissors because they were sharper and my other scissor just weren't cutting it (Buh-duh-chh)

-Having the darker background helped because I didn't have to be as careful around the edges and could smaller gaps uncut since it would blend in.


Step 4: Ironing!

-Peel the backing from the graphic

-Position your graphic color side up in the desired location

-Place a cloth or towel over the graphic to protect it from the iron

-Iron! Follow the time instruction, in general 90-120 seconds should do the trick, and guide the iron in a slow 'S' shape over the graphic.

-Also be sure to have the stream setting off! 

-And finally let it cool before trying it on.

Wooh! You have a cool shirt!

Thanks for checking out my tutorial! Stay crafty my friends!

Elle :)

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